Office of Developmental Programs Quality Assessment & Improvement Contact Information Form

The Office of Developmental Programs (ODP) Quality Assessment and Improvement (QA&I) Process is designed to conduct a comprehensive quality management review of county programs, Administrative Entities (AEs), Supports Coordination Organizations (SCOs) and Providers delivering services and supports to individuals with intellectual disabilities and autism spectrum disorders. Contact information for all organizations is being collected in order to ensure that ODP communications related to the QA&I Process are sent to the appropriate persons.

ODP is requesting that every entity ensures the contact information for their organization posted on the MyODP Training & Resource Center is up to date. The contact information with separate tabs for each entity type is posted under the QA&I Process section on the MyODP website in the "QA&I Contact List" file. It is the entity's responsibility to make sure the information for their organization remains up to date. ODP strongly encourages each and every entity to review this information prior to the start of QA&I activities each year.

If there is any change to the primary or secondary contact(s), the organization should complete the information requested on the next page. If an organization has multiple roles with different contacts identified, the organization must complete the QA&I Contact Information Form for each role.

When finished, a copy of the information that has been entered will be displayed on the screen. Please save or print a copy for your records.

If there are any questions related to the QA&I Process, please contact the QA&I mailbox electronically at RA-PWQAIProcess@pa.gov.

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